Artan Training Center

Tactical Training Courses by Professionals for Security Industry

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  • Basic Parachute Training
  • Tactical Pistol Shooting
  • Close Quarter Battle
  • Tactical Rifle Shooting
  • Tactical Shooting
  • Tactical Shooting
  • Tactical Shooting
  • Tactical Shooting


This course is designed for both beginners and experienced shoo ters, the main objective of the course is to develop sustainable basic skills in handling handguns, safety measures and basic combat first aid

• Safe handling of weapons
• Fundamentals and shooting
• Characteristics and maintenance of the handgun
• Handgun shooting positions
• Recoil management
• Reloads (administrative, speed & tactical)
• Multiple shots
• Multiple targets
• Shooting on the move
• Tactical use of cover
• Care Under Fire
• Tactical Field Care
• Tactical Evacuation Care


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